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If a baby is having difficulties learning to crawl, walk, or talk, it may be characterized as a developmental delay.

These developmental delays in children are typically seen when problems progressing in language, speech, thinking, or movement. While each child will develop at their own pace, if their developmental process is noticeably slower than others of a similar age, it may point to a birth injury which resulted in permanent brain damage. These can include oxygen deprivation or head trauma. In many cases, birth injuries manifest in the form of developmental delays or learning disabilities.

Causes of Developmental Delays & Learning Disabilities

Some events that can cause brain damage and resultant learning and/or developmental disabilities include:

The following problems can arise during labor and delivery. If mismanaged, they can lead to developmental delays and/or learning disabilities:

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Commonly Associated with Developmental Delays & Learning Disabilities

Developmental delays and learning disabilities are neurodevelopmental disorders. They affect the child’s ability to reach important milestones of learning, including specific skills and tasks that other children of the same age are capable of.

These are some of the specific neurodevelopmental which can be caused by birth trauma:

In many cases, these disabilities are not identified until a child reaches school age. Performance on standardized tests may be found to be below that expected for their age. Some children find learning in a regular classroom setting difficult, and may require more specific and intensive teaching. Learning disabilities are lifelong. But with the proper interventional strategies and training, individuals with these disabilities can lead successful, fully functional lives.

Milestones for Developmental Delays

Developmental milestones are a set of skills a child possess at a certain age. During the first month, babies should start to reach certain milestones. Different milestones will need to be met at different times throughout their lives.

Milestones over the first several years:

Month 1 Development Milestones

  • Ability to turn the head while lying face-down
  • Jerky arm movements
  • Fully developed hearing
  • Eyes that wander, cross, and focus
  • Can close the hand into a fist
  • Preference for black and white patterns
  • Desire to look at human faces
  • Can smell the mother’s breast milk
  • Recognition of certain sounds
  • Turning the head toward familiar noises
  • A preference for sweet smells
  • Preference for soft fabrics

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Unable to feed properly
  • Unresponsive to loud noises
  • Unable to focus and follow with the eyes
  • Stiff or floppy limbs
  • Trembling of the lower jaw

Month 3 Development Milestones

  • Opens and shuts hand
  • Babbles
  • Shakes hand toys
  • Can lift their head and support their upper body while prone
  • Socially smiles
  • Smiles at the sound of a parent’s voice
  • Enjoys playing with others

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Does not smile in response to parent’s voice
  • Does not smile at people
  • Cannot support the head easily
  • Failure to respond to loud sounds

Month 7 Development Milestones

  • Able to support weight on the legs
  • Can roll both ways
  • Ability to reach with one hand
  • Responds to their name
  • Can tell emotion by the tone of a voice
  • Explores with the hands and mouth
  • Responds to “no”

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Very stiff or floppy body
  • Lack of affection
  • Does not respond to sounds
  • Does not babble
  • Does not laugh or squeal
  • Does not seem to enjoy being around others

Year 1 Development Milestones

  • Sits without assistance
  • Pulls self up to stand
  • Crawls and tries to walk
  • Puts objects in and takes them out of containers
  • Points with index finger
  • Tries to scribble
  • Says simple words such as “Mama” and “Dada”
  • Can find hidden objects
  • Acts shy around strangers and is distressed when parents leave

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Does not crawl
  • Does not say simple words
  • Can’t stand
  • Does not point or use gestures

Year 2 Development Milestones

  • Walks independently
  • Can carry a toy, walk, and run
  • Recognizes names, faces, objects, and body parts
  • Can kick a ball
  • Follows instructions
  • Starts forming sentences
  • Can sort shapes and colors

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Can’t identify shapes and colors
  • Does not follow instructions
  • Does not know the function of ordinary household items
  • Can’t form sentences

Year 3-4 Development Milestones

  • Can kick, catch and throw a ball
  • Can hop/stand on one foot
  • Can move forward and backward easily
  • Can move up and down a set of stairs
  • Plays with other children
  • Can draw shapes
  • Tells stories
  • Has a sense of time
  • Starts to count
  • Becomes more independent

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Cannot throw a ball
  • Cannot jump in place
  • Cannot draw
  • Ignores other children
  • Does not use more than three words in a sentence
  • Does not want to dress themselves or use the toilet

Year 4-5 Development Milestones

  • Can skip, hop, swing, and/or do somersaults
  • Can print letters of the alphabet
  • Can draw a person with a body
  • Can count
  • Speaks in past and future tense
  • Can remember name and address
  • Increasingly exhibits independence
  • Follows rules
  • Wants to be identify with friends

Signs of Developmental Delay:

  • Aggression
  • Excessive fear or timidity
  • Disinterest in playing with other children
  • Difficulty eating, sleeping, and/or using the toilet
  • Exhibits hygienic problems, such as brushing teeth

In ages 6 through 12, children are more independent. Physical changes are rapid. They also develop emotionally, socially, mentally, and morally.

As they go through puberty, mood swings become common. Their physical growth will be slower, but certain muscles will begin to develop. Parents can help children with their development during this time by exhibiting patience, asking the right questions, and helping them develop problem-solving skills. Positive attention will help them to navigate their future.

Legal Help for Children With Developmental Delays and Learning Disabilities

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